Thank goodness for February. Saying hello to the second month of the year means letting go of those downright unrealistic resolutions and, instead, turning our attention to proper self-care.

The mantra for the 2018 wellness revolution? Being good to ourselves. More quality food, more time to relax, more enjoyable workouts, more kindness and more fun.

Recent studies highlighting yet again the importance of a plentiful nights' sleep and taking time to slow down are helping us rethink our ideas on what makes us successful; forget a gruelling workout, surviving on sugar and caffeine -the greatest way to boost your energy this year is to master that elusive, replenishing 8-hours of shut-eye, to spend time meditating, practising yoga or with loved ones. While abstinence and self-deprivation have been driving forces behind our previously embraced fitness projects, the tide has well and truly turned. Today, we are looking to deeper, more long-term fulfilment when it comes to our bodies and minds -and there is a whole host of self-care gurus and practitioners leading the way from Oprah Winfrey’s SuperSoul Sunday podcasts to yoga weekends and retreats popping up around the country.

The new wellness ambassadors promote being gentle with ourselves and others, rooting our mental and physical endeavours in pleasure rather than pain.

What better place to start on the path to endorphin-inducing self-care than with the right fuel? In Brown Thomas this month, a pop-up Matcha Tea menu, in association with teapigs, launches in Green & Bean cafe. Matcha’s superfood powers have long been hailed - packed with antioxidants the benefits found in the Japanese leaf make it more than just a trendy food fad. As the experts in virtuous teas, teapigs has packaged a selection of matcha lattes (available on Level 3) and will be serving these mint, cocoa, turmeric and chai lattes along with nourishing juices and milkshakes as well as matcha-themed breakfast and afternoon dishes in the eatery from now until Sunday, 4th March.

This March, Canadian athleisurewear label lululemon will celebrate its first anniversary in store, their Sunday Sweat sessions on Level 2 are leading the charge on the new way to work out and their latest arrivals which include their popular breathable leggings and long sleeved t-shirts allow for easy, comfortable movement in these temperamental pre-spring climes.

And if that wasn't enough, there is joy to be found unwinding at the end of the day at home with a soothing cup of tea or indulging in a candlelit bubble bath filled with rejuvenating bath oils. The most important lesson to take with you into this month (and year) is to ensure any changes you make are rooted in pleasure. Feeling good starts here.

To join one of lululemon's Sunday Sweat Sessions in our Dublin store stay tuned to our What's On page. You can also enjoy the Matcha Tea menu in association with teapigs in our Green & Bean cafe until Sunday, 4th March.