She’s bright, beautiful and one of the world’s most individual designers. We caught up with Serbian native Roksanda Ilincic to find out her style rules (colour plays a big part), what she can’t live without and her favourite shade of red lipstick. Here’s how to be effortlessly chic now.

Describe your design philosophy in 3 words?

Modern, feminine, colourful.

Who is the Roksanda woman?

She’s somebody who is very inquisitive and interested in many different things, she’s very independent and very modern. Somebody who likes and enjoys fashion for her own sake.

What are your golden rules for beauty?

I always keep my face simple and fresh. If I’m going out for dinner, a red MAC Ruby Woo lipstick is a must!

What are your secrets of style and where did you learn them?

Don’t be afraid of colour, I got that from my mother and growing up in Belgrade which has always been a vibrant city.

Clashing colour is what Roksanda is known and loved for, here she shows us how sky blue and coral are a magic combination.

What can’t you live without?

My daughter and my husband. Life wouldn’t be worth living without them.

If you could dress up in any item from the world’s greatest fashion museums in London, Paris or New York, what would you pick?

There was incredible retrospective at the Petit Palais in Paris exhibiting YSL Couture pieces, which included a whole room of his signature tuxedos. If I could add some of those pieces to my existing YSL archive, it would be the dream.

Pattern please! Roksanda works tropical foliage into her spring summer 2018 collection.

Roksanda is available online and in store now.