Too sleep deprived to shop? Don’t worry, Pandora Sykes shows you how to coordinate with your mini me with a sensational selection of matching mother and baby outfits to help you rule wedding season.

I have 12 weddings this summer - my friends are a romantic bunch. Not only is my post-partum body a little different to the last time I went to a wedding, but I have a rather loud new accessory (babies, it turns out, aren’t just for Christmas.)

What do I wear? But equally importantly; what does she wear?

Pandora Sykes

The best thing about wedding-wear is that it is (or should be, in my opinion) impervious to trends; forget cutting-edge avant-garde designers, I’m more about timeless, vintage-inspired, feminine, fluid (and sometimes floral) dresses. When I’m not in those, I’m in polka dots à la Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.

You don’t need to match your tiny guest in tow but would you carry a snakeskin clutch with a leopard print dress? Point made.

Pandora Sykes

No, we’re not talking icky matchy-matchy identikit ‘mommy n baby’ co-ords, but more a complimentary situation. Luckily (or, equally, dangerously) for me, some of my favourite labels, like Chloé, Moncler and Stella McCartney carry wares for your mini-me, but there are also some excellent baby-specific labels. Petite Bateau and Monnalisa are both favourites of mine.

Needle and Thread’s Prism Ditsy Mini dress and the Lazy Daisy dress would both beautifully compliment Monnalisa’s Rose Motif Poplin co-ord, while Moncler’s two-piece embroidered dress would be the perfect accompaniment for Ted Baker’s Soft Blossom Bow dress. If it’s really boiling, I’ll be melting my own heart with Petit Bateau’s Maje Short Romper (perfect for those weddings abroad) and I hold a particular place in my heart for Tartine et Chocolat’s tiny frocks.

My wedding-guest mantra is to keep it simple and that becomes even more pertinent when you have a baby. Fascinators will be dislodged by tiny hands; extravagantly beaded jewellery stuffed into a small, hungry mouth. The same goes for shoes, bags and dresses. If you’re breast feeding as I will be at some of these weddings, you’ll need ‘easy access’. Rixo London and Ganni’s wrap dresses are a favourite of mine for this exact reason. For those on more of a budget (because after all, babies aren’t just for Christmas - they aren’t cheap, either), Ganni’s sky blue Beacon Wrap Tie dress is a low-key summer option for a breast-feeding mum, which would look adorable with Mayoral’s primary color Sleeveless Stripe Dress. Mayoral are one to bookmark: bright, fun and super affordable dresses that would work for teeny wedding guests and summer party-goers, alike. I like the ice-cream number rather a lot.

But what if you have a boy, not a girl? They’re not as fun to dress up, lets be honest - but there are plenty of options for them, too. Tartine et Chocolat’s linen dungarees would look divine with a classic collar bodysuit underneath, or for a more casual vibe, I’m partial to a Petite Bateau co-ord (for girls and boys alike, mind. I don’t subscribe to the belief that my little girl should always be in a dress.) I like Petit Bateau’s Madoc 3-piece, a bold nautical combo which would work well with something a little more graphic for you, like Off-White’s monochrome Fluid Print Dress. You might think that Off-White is firmly in the ‘non wedding guest’ territory, but their Princess Di-influenced spring summer collection screams weddings and garden parties. I’m dreaming of their fuchsia pink Formal Print jacket and Plissé Printed culottes. Beautifully 1980s, but easily kept modern with a sleek bun and simple sandals (leave the cocktail earrings at home - not just because of those aforementioned grabby hands.)

Of course, at the end of the day it doesn’t really matter what your baby - or you - wear. Because you’ll be having too much fun with each other, celebrating the union of your mates, to care.

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