YSL Beauté Global Beauty Director Tom Pecheux gives us the scoop on the spring/summer make-up look, the inspiration behind it, and the products he can't live without.

How would you describe the make-up look for the Spring/Summer 18 YSL show? Can you talk us through how to achieve it?

The makeup look for the Spring/Summer '18 YSL show is all about enhancing natural beauty. It is about true beauty, ‘me but better’. It is about youth, healthy skin and little makeup.

To achieve that, I start by massaging the skin and continue with Encre de Peau All Hours Primer, a new product which gives a very nice glow and finish. Encre de Peau All Hours Concealer then helps erase every little imperfection by covering up without feeling heavy.

For the lips, I have a new tip. In order to complement each girls’ lip colour, I am mixing a drop of Tatouage Couture No 7 with Top Secrets Lip Perfector.
Nothing on the eyes. I’m just curling the lashes and brushing the eyebrows. However – second little tip – I will add a touch of concealer on the eyelid to brighten the eyes.

This is your second season creating the makeup for Saint Laurent as YSL Beauté Global Beauty Director. What – if anything – gives it a sense of continuity from one season to the next?

The continuity comes from the relationship with Anthony - what he likes about makeup, I do too.

Through the years, I’ve developed a specificity about my makeup. I never overdose the skin with foundation. That will be the case for this show as it was back in February.
All girls will be very natural except for one, Anja Rubik who will close the show by wearing a powerful matte red lipstick. I found that a brilliant statement.

“Enhancing natural beauty for a ‘me but better’ look”

Tom Pecheux, Global Beauty Director for YSL Beauté

Shows can be demanding, especially by the time it gets to Paris – how do you prepare for the YSL show? What keeps you healthy, inspired, and happy?

Paris comes after New York, London and Milan. I see that as a perfect warm up. We are totally ready for it.

How do you help the models to prepare? Any skincare tips for over-fatigued complexions?

We do a lot of shows and often with the same models. My routine is to take care of them from the first show in New Yok to the last one in Paris. If the skin is good, the makeup is going to be much easier. I like to give a prep massage which helps maintain the skin quality.

Where did you get your inspiration from? Can you describe the process of arriving at the finished look?

When it comes to shows, my inspiration comes from the designer, who has been working on the collection for several months. I discover it last minute and it is wonderful to see it with fresh eyes and talk about it.

I think that is the most precious moment as you have to combine your ideas together.

Outside of fashion weeks, art is my most powerful inspiration. For instance, when I had two hours off in Milan, I was pleased to take the time and visit to the Fondazione Prada. It was very inspiring.

What three things would you not have been without this season?

It would be the Or Rouge Huile Voluptueuse. It keeps skin soft and moisturized. I like to apply it and give a massage at the same time with it. It puts the girl in a great mood, and brings out a positive energy. The new Encre de Peau All Hours Concealer is really amazing also. My 3rd product would be anything that represents your signature.

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